Team Red Miner

The premier AMD GPU miner

This is the official webpage for Team Red Miner as announced on our public Discord server and verified by the following post on bitcointalk:

Bitcointalk verification post


Team Red Miner Features

Superb Performance

TRM's extensive research on AMD GPUs is unrivaled in the miner world. TRM has many implementations not available in any other miner: Radeon VII boost mode, Navi10 Ethash B-mode, Rx Vega ERGO are a few examples.


TRM has vowed to always make sure AMD GPUs have competitive implementations available for all major mining algorithms. Whatever algo we add, it will be mining at top speed.

No Bullshit Hashrates

Many other miners report artificially inflated hashrates in order to seem more competitive. This hurts the end users' ability to accurately calculate their mining revenue and make informed decisions how to best run their hardware. TRM will always report the true hashrate of your hardware. Period.


TRM runs on both Windows and Linux. It is supported by all major mining distros.


TRM provides active support in our own Discord server, available for all users.


Sgminer-compatible TCP/IP API and Claymore API available for integration with 3rd party tools or your own bespoke monitoring software.


Download Team Red Miner

Team Red Miner releases are published on GitHub. You can find direct links for the latest miner version below, as well as links to the full release page on GitHub with older versions and release notes.

The downloaded archive will contain our README, the miner binary, example start scripts and tuning guides. If you have additional questions or need help getting started, please join our Discord server by using the link in the Support section.

Team Red Miner v0.10.21 Windows Download

Team Red Miner v0.10.21 Linux Download

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Support Channels

The preferred way of reaching us is through our Discord server where we have both dedicated support staff and community support. There is also a wealth of information in pinned messages and channel histories. We do interact through our GitHub issue tracker and Bitcointalk topic as well, but response times are bound to be longer.